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Hi, and welcome to my blog, this is where I want to share with you health and fitness tips to help you live your healthiest life. Each week I will bring you information and tips that you can apply to your lifestyle, these tips will be health, fitness and nutrition related and will be things that I practice for myself and my personal training clients and also tips that I pick up as I continue to learn about health and fitness.

I entered the Fitness Industry last year after a career in the Military which heavily involved sports and fitness. Looking back at my years of racing competitively and working in high pressure environments I believe that there are five pillars of health that need to be kept in check to ensure we are living our healthiest life. 

This blog is going to be based around those five pillars with tips and suggestions to keep them all in check.

I hope you enjoy! 

And please if you have any requests for any subjects please feel free to drop me an email!