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Nutrition Coaching vs Diets

There is a big difference.

Diets are generic, they haven’t been planned for your individual needs, they are often restrictive, FAR too restrictive for what you need for your health and energy. Each one claims they are the best for XYZ, but how many of them actually work a year later?

It is often a meal plan or a “don’t eat this food” which by Friday when you go out with work for dinner or drinks and you end up going off plan and then giving up. So you end up thinking you can’t stick to it.

Thats how it seems to you, but the reality is you haven’t failed the diet, the diet has failed you. It was never realistic or sustainable for you in the first place.

Nutrition coaching on the other hand, is planned around your individual needs and lifestyle, whatever your goal, it is not restrictive and it will improve your energy levels. It is sustainable and you can maintain it as a lifestyle not just 4 weeks.

It will educate you for what your body needs and you will understand how to eat for health long term.

Nutrition is a big part of my life and it is my passion educating clients on how they can improve their health with the right nutrition.

I studied nutrition before my personal training qualification because it has always been a priority in my life.

For 18 years being an athlete and working within a Military environment if I didn’t eat to meet my energy needs my performance in training, racing and my job would be negatively effected.

I also spent part of my career as a Pharmacy Technician, working within the NHS and the Military. I loved the job and understanding how drugs worked in the body fascinated me.

But, seeing the amount of medications that we take for conditions that can be prevented by lifestyle choices and diet choices shocked me.

This is another reason I wanted to become a nutrition coach.

A lot of these conditions are avoidable if we prioritise our health and lifestyle choices. Don’t wait until it is too late, or wish you had started 10 years ago. Start now, understand your body and health and look at how you can bring healthy changes into your life.

It doesn’t have to be punishing yourself in the gym or cutting out you favourite foods.

It can be enjoyable and can improve your life in so many ways.