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Rest - Guilty pleasure or priority?

Are you doing it?

Do you feel guilty when you need to take some rest?

As an athlete I would always have a rest day programmed in especially during a heavy phase of training and racing. On a heavy volume training camp I would always schedule in a daily nap.

Even if you are not an athlete or training hard it doesn’t mean you don’t need to think about if you are resting enough.

You are busy. Demands of work, your business, your family and social occasions - now we are out of lockdown. How many times have you got to the weekend or the end of the day and you’re absolutely exhausted?

Taking time out is important.

I see a pattern with clients and friends that they are on the go constantly with little time for rest or themselves, time to switch off their brain.

Last week I cancelled my own training session to take some time out. I read a few pages and then went to sleep for 50 mins to recharge my brain and body. This is because I know what my body needs and sometimes that rest is going to be more productive than my training session.

It is structured, intentional rest where I know my body, my day and my week will benefit from it.

Some people may see this as being lazy or that they feel guilty if they take time out from family or from tasks that they should be doing. They couldn’t possibly go to bed in the daytime what would people think?!

When it comes to your health we have to remove the guilt and listen to what our body needs. Your health, family and business will all benefit from you being fully charged.

You wouldn’t leave the house with your phone battery on 20% so why is it ok to do it to yourself?

If you struggle with guilt when it comes to resting there are other options that can make it easier for you instead of finding the time to go to bed for an hour. Last week I tried floatation tanks at float planet. This is where you float in salt water in a pod/tank for 60 mins. No light, no sound, no phones, no distractions. Fantastic for switching off and receiving the benefits of epsom salt for recovery and health. I know that I relax in water so for me this was perfect, what I also like about it is you can book it in as an appointment and ensure you are taking that time out that you need. If you have a busy household you may not be able to get that hour to yourself.

Are you are pushing on through tiredness running on empty?