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How much water should you be drinking?

Our body is regulated by thirst so we take in more fluid when we need it, BUT there is often a “lag time” between losing fluid and being thirsty. Thirst is often a late sign of dehydration and even slight dehydration can make us think, focus and perform worse.

If we are 1% dehydrated we will have a reduced aerobic performance, if we are 3% dehydrated we will have reduced muscular endurance.

Even at 1% dehydrated our cognitive performance will be negatively impacted and there will be increased strain on the heart.

💧Most adults need around 3 litres of water each day as a minimum. 1 litre of that is often from food...if you’re eating a fresh food diet i.e. lots of fruit and veg.

💧If it’s warmer and drier weather you will most likely need an extra 500ml plus per day.

💧If you’re exercising in the heat you need an extra 0.5-1 litre of fluid per hour of exercise.

So, if you’re thirsty make sure you’re drinking, and drink more than you think you need.


If you’re feeling over tired, headaches or low in energy ask yourself how much fluid you’re getting in daily before you reach for energy drinks or pain killers.

Ensuring you are drinking enough fluid is so important to reach your goals whether it is weight loss, performance or health related.

Water makes up 40-70% of our body mass and it is the most critical nutrient of all in human beings. It is vital for cognitive function as well as;

💧healthy metabolism

💧energy production


💧transport of waste products

💧temperature regulation

💧blood pressure regulation

💧blood volume regulation

We lose on average 2-2.5ltrs of water through breathing, sweating and excretion so we have to replace that through our water intake - that is before planned exercise.

If we don’t replace this our bodies have to work extra hard to function.

How much have you been drinking? Start tracking your intake and you’ll be surprised...if you think it’s a challenge to drink more set an alarm on your phone for every 1-2 hours to drink a glass or 500ml. And if you don’t like plain water add some fruit or herbs to make it interesting.